In Adventures in I Don't Know, we celebrate uncertainty.

What happens when we wont say “I don’t know”?…

It’s rarely good, right?

Sitting with uncertainty, getting comfortable with ‘not knowing’, is key for developing a healthy culture that supports our humanity, our creativity and our well being.

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Adventures in I Don’t Know explores our relationship to ‘not knowing’ using a combination of philosophical enquiry, improvisation and play.

This interplay of talking, listening, physical action and reflection energises our awareness and brings thinking to life. We create spaces where people are free from having to appear clever or correct, free from deadlines and expectations. Our work is about getting comfortable with not knowing, which we have found is essential for learning, creativity, confidence, authentic communication and personal growth.

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The truth of uncertainty

Any one moment has an element of ‘I Don’t Know’. Collectively we have all experienced the upheaval and uncertainty that the COVID19 pandemic has brought. Individually we have had different experiences and responses. It’s vital, now, that we have ways of processing together so we can develop a renewed sense of understanding and well being. Our shared Adventures leave us refuelled and inspired to continue with courage, confidence and a genuine sense of connection.

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Adventure (NOUN- an unusual and exciting or daring experience)

Our work has shown us time and again that most people associate ‘not knowing’ with feelings of shame, embarrassment and panic…it’s basically uncomfortable.

So what do we do when it feels dangerous not to know? Hide? pretend? attack? Blow up like a puffer fish and ‘Fake it till you make it’?…a viable tactic at times, but not always the most beneficial, pretty exhausting and ultimately unsustainable.  Adventures in I Don’t Know are playful, held, guided and supported. Whilst the realisations that happen along the way are as unique as the people on the journey, not knowing becomes a wealthy place to explore and be creative, rather than somewhere to get out of ASAP!

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There isn’t an App for that!

The interactive and physical nature of Adventures in I Don’t Know means that the learning is experiential and lasting.

Sessions are typically 2- 3 hours and are ideally suited to groups of up to fifteen people. A course can be developed over a number of weeks. Let’s start with a conversation about what’s best for you.

Adventures respond to a range of needs by focusing on specific themes and outcomes. We work within different contexts, for example,

Adventures in I Don’t Know for business

Courses for professional environments targeting confidence, communication, well being, team building, connectivity, inclusion, leadership, creativity, authenticity and explorations of your companies values and aspirations. For teams working remotely we are a great way of coming together in a meaningful and fun way.

Adventures in I Don’t Know for community

We are ready to work in partnership to develop projects with schools, arts organisations or anyone with a focus on engaging people. Adventures in I Don’t Know is a powerful vehicle for connectivity. It can work as a stand alone project or part of a broader strategy for social inclusion and widening participation. We are also keen to work creatively with artists, using our Adventures as stimulus for devising work within communities. We work with a wide range of people, starting from age 7.

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Miriam and Bonnie

Between the two of them Miriam Cohen and Bonnie Oddie have over 50 years experience in facilitating philosophical and creative work with a diverse range of people. Having met whilst working in education (actually this was an enchanted reunion, as they were once in the same class in Primary school 3000 years ago). With a shared passion for connecting people to their own innate resources for learning and creativity, Miriam and Bonnie were inspired to combine their knowledge and skills to find new ways of creating value. The result is Adventures in I Don’t Know. To learn more, and talk about how we can work together, drop us a line or give us a call.

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